Trust and Safety

We take our responsibility as stewards for My Karibe’s Entrepreneurs and users very seriously. It's our job to provide a system deserving of your trust — by proactively screening for potential problems, by investigating issues brought to us by our community, and by still being exceedingly clear that even with these steps everything may not go as planned. Our goal is to provide a safe and trusted platform where Consumers, Entrepreneurs, and Restaurant owners are honest and open with one another as they transact business.

Give users peace of mind by including information about our partners and products displayed on our platform.

Keep everyone informed through commenting, direct communication, and frequent updates. Engaging users and partners and providing ongoing support will establish trust and manage expectations from all parties involved.

We provide 24/7 chat support for users and partners. Click the following link and ask a question to our support staff.

What everyone should know

My Karibe, or any of its affiliate platforms, is not a store. 
People aren't purchasing directly from My Karibe, or any of our Affiliate platforms, but are interacting directly with the Entrepreneurs and Business Owners we host.

Restaurant owners are responsible for the quality of their own food and the services they provide. 
When you purchase a product or service, you're trusting the owner to do a good job, so if you don't know them personally or by reputation, do a little research first or read the reviews provided by other customers. My Karibe doesn't evaluate a business’s claims, resolve disputes, or offer refunds. Any dispute with work provided or products purchased should be taken up with the respective business owner directly.

What Restaurant Partners do

Be open and responsive. 
Let people know all about who you are and what your Restaurant offers. Do your best to answer Eaters and Driver partner questions and address their concerns, quickly and thoroughly — it's a great way to show people that you’re reliable, available, and committed to providing an excellent service.

Be honest and ethical.
It’s tempting to sell to price gouge items on your menu, but Eaters can trust you much more when you're straightforward and honest. Give them a real look at what you offer and be frank about all the fees involved. Don’t try to game the system or make your Restaurant look more popular than it is. Restaurants who try fraudulent things and other schemes are at risk of having their accounts suspended indefinitely.

Credit and Debit Card Payment Security

We work closely with Stripe to ensure your funds are processed securely and efficiently.

Give Eaters and Delivery-partners peace of mind by including information about your Restaurant such as Food inspection records and qualifications.

Keep everyone informed through commenting, direct communication, and frequent updates. Engaging customers will establish trust, manage expectations, and may lead to ongoing support.

What we (My Karibe) do

We listen. 
Our Trust & Safety team is always watching over the platform and reviewing reports from the community. Our community helps us make sure this is the safest, most effective food delivery platform around.

We monitor the system.
Our Trust & Safety team uses automated tools to identify and investigate suspicious activity on the platform. All orders, deliveries and payments are tracked for your safety.

We take action. 
Sometimes that just means asking someone to fix a problem. When we find users or partners that abuse the system, we don't hesitate to suspend them.

General security tips

Protect your information. 
Be careful what information you post in public parts of the internet and keep sensitive data close. If you’re ever unsure which parts of My Karibe Munch platform are public, you can check our Privacy Policy.

Beware of "phishing." 
Phishing is when someone pretends to be a business you trust and asks for sensitive information. My Karibe will never ask for your Social Security number or full payment information over the phone or by email, and the only place we'll ask you to enter your password is on My Karibe Munch’s log-in screen. If anyone asks you for this information, or you think you've received a scam or hoax email from someone pretending to be affiliated with us, don't respond — just let us know.